Home Networks have become a critical component in today’s homes and businesses. Not only has the need for speed and access to the internet and home network devices increased, but so has the need for data security. From whole house Wifi access to hardwired network, and accessory structures requiring fiber optic cable runs, Illumi-Tech will design your network based on your current needs but also allow for scalability for future needs.

Networks have become critical components in homes and business everywhere. A combination of hardwired and wireless devices allows you to access anything from Email to Video Streaming with incredible speed. Let us design your next network.

Fiber Optic – For critical network operations and extended runs – Shown to the right is an automated gate that is nearly 800′ feet from the main house. A fiber optic network was incorporated to allow the homeowner to speak with, see, and allow access to anyone coming into the property in real time from anywhere in the world.

Outdoor Networking – Connect to and control your home devices while sitting at the pool with outside access points to create a solid Wifi signal